A trip to the Museum of Scottish Railways is an excellent focus for class activities


A visit to site allows pupils to experience a wide range of stimuli through accessible artefacts.

The railways of Britain are now very much a part of our popular culture and the Museum of Scottish Railways reflects this rich heritage in its contents, which includes many exhibits that are of particular significance to Scotland’s past. Additionally, a trip on board a working steam train is an experience which can be a stepping stone to many subsequent learning opportunities.

Being a heritage site naturally means that many of the potential Experiences and Outcomes will be directly related to Social Studies: People, Past Events and Societies, but there are many other links with just about every other part of the Curriculum for Excellence, e.g. Science; Mathematics; Language and Literacy; Expressive Arts – Art & design activities, Drama, music and dance and Health and Wellbeing.


One adult travels free per eight (or part of eight) paying children. Additional adults, above the free allocation, are charged

For more information or to book contact our office on 01506 825855 or via email office@srps.org.uk


Your school visit will last just over 3 hours and includes a 70 minute steam train journey, and an hour’s visit to the Museum, either self-led or hosted by an experienced guide. Specific topics which can be covered are WW2, Victorians and transport.


Free Adult Helpers

Experienced Guide (on request)

Free coach parking on-site

Free tea / coffee for coach drivers

Lunch space - on train or at our designated picnic areas

resource downloads

Our downloadable Education Pack contains a guide which will take teachers through the Museum and allow them to select which parts are most relevant to their curricular area and class level. Links to the Curriculum for Excellence are included.

Other downloadable resources include short history of Britain’s railways, a Risk Assessment of the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway site, a glossary of railway terms and a set of activity sheets which pupils can use before, during or after their visit.