(LNER J36 Class) (BR No.65243)
Accession number: 10003
Acquired: 1967
Location: Museum Hall 2
Built: 1891, Neilson & Co., Hyde Park
Works, Springburn, Glasgow
Works No.: 4392

Background Information

No.673 was built in Glasgow for the North British Railway Company (NBR). It was designed by Mathew Holmes. This design was very successful with 168 examples being built by 1900.

The design is massive, basic, economical and fit for purpose. These were reliable and hardworking locomotives. Most of the Class came from the NBR works at Cowlairs. But a batch of fifteen locomotives were built by Neilson and a further fifteen by Sharp Stewart. The Class were rebuilt by W.P. Reid, Holmes’ successor, between 1913 and 1923. New models had larger boilers and a much improved cab.

In 1917, the Government was looking for useful engines to work supply trains behind the Western Front in France during World War I. It requisitioned no.673 and twenty-four other rebuilt members of the class. All returned safely in 1919 and were given names to commemorate their war service. The names came from military leaders or significant locations such as Ypres and Somme.

‘Maude’ only worked freight duties during its 75-year service. It was withdrawn from Bathgate Shed in 1966. Following an appeal by the SRPS, the locomotive was purchased and restored to working order. It was also repainted in the goods livery of the NBR. Vacuum brake apparatus has been fitted along with a replacement front buffer beam taken from J36 65345. The original front buffer bean had been damaged by the use of ‘Maude’ as a snow plough. ‘Maude’ is the only survivor of this class.